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Introduction to Mufasa Running Club

The foundation for this platform began in Spring of 2020 with the introduction of a runDisney Instagram Club: 2ndStarRunners. I was a co-founder and quickly submerged myself into the community with different giveaways during the monthly challenges and providing running advice to runners as needed. I truly enjoyed connecting with as many runners as I did through the challenges and the "Spotlight Saturday" posts (yes it was I who emailed you and wrote up the blog posts). However, as more and more responsibilities began to pile up on my end just to keep the club afloat, it was no longer enjoyable to do something solo which a group of people set out to do together a year before. I knew I needed to pivot and after the team challenge to kick off the New Year, I decided to go my own way (helped that my team won and that the conversations were very educational and insightful).

Although the club was short lived, I cherished the relationships that grew from the group and hoped to bring the same excitement for running to this club while tackling a MAJOR problem I noticed in the runDisney community: Inconsistency in Training. Perhaps the blunder that is 2020 made the problem more apparent because many individuals lost track of weeks and their training plan went with it too. However, I've been part of the forums and social media groups since Wine and Dine 2016, and everyday it seems like someone is looking for a training shortcut or hasn't ran in 3 weeks during the middle of Dopey Training. With that being said, I believe that the majority of the blame resides in the cookie-cutter plans provided on the runDisney website. I'm sorry but who has the time for a 29-week training plan!? And it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced runner or a run/walker, the plan is the same for all! Such repetitive and drawn out plans become boring and leads to most of this communities' training inconsistencies.

Here at Mufasa Running Club we throw out ALL of the cookie-cutter plans and design something for YOU (and it doesn't have to be just Disney races). You are running for fun and most likely this comes in line of importance after Family & Work, so why should you be stuck to some online plan that forces your lifestyle to change? I've been there and done that. It sucks and I ran my first Dopey/Marathon training that way (which I am very against). I am currently trained by a coach and the relationship we have built allows for an understanding of why I need to miss a workout without feeling guilty or why a week of training needs to be adjusted to fit MY life. And this is what I want to provide you with; someone who is in your corner, providing the best training plan for YOU, and able to adjust that plan as LIFE comes your way.

It doesn't matter where you are in your running journey, some new perspective could be that kick in the rear to get you going again. We are even offering seasonal virtual races to help bridge the gap between each training season. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic and have uncertainty about when local races will start again, perhaps now is when you need to most direction to get you to the next start line. Hope you consider joining our Club and I can't wait to have meaningful conversations with each one of you!

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